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This is a lot of car (or truck)! Tons of standard equipment: pwr drs, locks, keyless,pwr moonroof,dark tint, 6 disc changer, ABS and AWD to name a few. Full-time all wheel drive makes a world of difference in this vehicle on dry or slippery roads. It handles well, has an aggressive stance and distinctive styling. Crash test ratings will put your mind...

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Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec B Saloon

According to recent reports, teleportation has become a reality: scientists in America have managed to 'teleport' an atomic particle from A to B. The fact that A is but a few microns distant from B seems not to diminish their rejoicing.

With characteristic British reserve, we have not publicised our own achievements in the field of teleportation, despite the fact that in Kingston-upon-Thames boffins have managed to teleport an entire Father Christmas across a gap of several hundred yards. This much I know because within a few minutes I saw him in two different stores, and he definitely didn't pass me on the escalator.

Some say Father Christmas is a myth; I disagree. But there is one deception that I feel obliged to expose: namely that Donner and Blitzen are made-up names. In fact, according to the Dutch author of the authoritative poem on the subject, the reindeers' real names are Dunder and Blixem. But you cannot expect the Japanese to know that; so when Subaru named their new, high-performance Legacy the 'Blitzen' they could be forgiven for perpetuating the myth.

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Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec B Saloon
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007