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I Owned my Legacy for 3 years imported straight from japan. Because it was a private import it was hard to tell about its history there,allot of things had been fiddeled with causing big headachs. Apart from that Subaru have made a pretty strong car allround. If I was to have another Sub I would choose one with low milegde and non turbo mainly for reliabilty...

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Subaru gives STi treatment to Legacy sedan, wagon

Subaru Legacy
Performance nuts should get a kick out of this one. If you're in the market for some crazy all-wheel-drive action but don??t want to rock an Impreza STi like the rest of the rally-inspired crew out there, Subaru has another option for you: The Legacy STi.

You can choose between the wagon and the B4 sedan, but unfortunately, they've haven't changed anything under the hood. You'll still get the 2.0 GT spec.B trim for 280 horsepower. That's not to say this is a garden variety Legacy, though.

Limited to 600 units in total, the Legacy STi will come with Bilstein dampers, 18-inch wheels, STi front and rear spoilers, Brembo brakes, and leather/alcantara seating with red contrast stitching. Other additions include STi electroluminescent gauges, badging, and dual-tipped muffler.

Pricing will range between ??3,979,500 ($34,700 USD) and 4,116,000 ($35,800 USD), with your choice of a 6-speed manual or 5-speed paddle-shift transmission. Delivery is scheduled for February.

Subaru gives STi treatment to Legacy sedan, wagon
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