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1990 subaru legacy 1990 subaru legacy
1990 subaru legacy 1990 subaru legacy
1990 subaru legacy  
    1990 Subaru Legacy Review, Ealy_ealy, From Bobtown

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Subaru Legacy

 ModelSubaru Legacy
 What things have gone wrong with the car?the axels seem to ware away quickly and the door handles the ones in the back don't work very well but really it's not bad because everything is still the original i just replaced the alternator and axels thats it!!!!!
 General comments?It's a great car it started out for my mom we bought it brand new it was great now i am driving it and let me tell you its a beast it handles great i love the sound of the engine i just put a new exhaust one and it flys. It's a very reliable car it looks great and is great!!!
 Previous carMy dad just got a 1999 ford explorer and i like my subaru a hell of alot better than it!!!!

Review 1990 Subaru Legacy Ealy_ealy, From Bobtown
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007