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1990 subaru legacy 1990 subaru legacy
1990 subaru legacy 1990 subaru legacy
1990 subaru legacy  
    1990 Subaru Legacy Review, Israel Anderson, From Te Awamu

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Legacy Turbo 4WD

 ModelLegacy Turbo 4WD
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Fuel consumpstion was bad. Transmision was the pits rebilt 3 times in 1 year. The fuel pump shorted out causing the back seat to catch on fire. The motor kept cutting into whats called "limp mode" blowing black smoke,back firing and idiling iraticaly. this is caused when the engine managment system cuts one cylinder leaving 3 running until the computer is reset by a mechanic
 General comments?I Owned my Legacy for 3 years imported straight from japan. Because it was a private import it was hard to tell about its history there,allot of things had been fiddeled with causing big headachs. Apart from that Subaru have made a pretty strong car allround. If I was to have another Sub I would choose one with low milegde and non turbo mainly for reliabilty
 Previous carPopular cars in NZ are the Mitsi Lancers,Mazda Familia,Nissan Skylines pretty much any thing 4wd Turbo late model and Japanese is comperable

Review 1990 Subaru Legacy Israel Anderson, From Te Awamu
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007