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1990 subaru legacy 1990 subaru legacy
1990 subaru legacy 1990 subaru legacy
1990 subaru legacy  
    1990 Subaru Legacy Review, Stu, From Auckland, New Zeala

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1.8DL Legacy Wagon 2WD

 Model1.8DL Legacy Wagon 2WD
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Total lack of creature comforts.
 General comments?I bought this car when it had done 298,000km for a very low price at the time and I was expecting to have to replace the engine. It has now done over 370,000km. Everything on the car is the original part including the engine. The only engine work I have had done is replace a slightly leaking water pump. It has only broken down once with a blocked carburettor which can happen to any car.The engine doesn't use any oil (less than 1 litre in 12,500km) and has still got reasonable power. The fuel economy of this car is excellent and I regularly get 700km from 50 litres of fuel. I have removed the Catalytic converter because before I could "only" get 650km.Everyting else on the car is still going strong. I have gone through 2 CV joints though which seems a little steep. The car still handles great and soaks up our bumpy roads very well indeed.
 Previous carFord Laser (horrible car).Toyota Corolla (smaller, faster).

Review 1990 Subaru Legacy Stu, From Auckland, New Zeala
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007