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1994 subaru legacy 1994 subaru legacy
1994 subaru legacy 1994 subaru legacy
1994 subaru legacy 1994 subaru legacy
1994 subaru legacy 1994 subaru legacy
    1994 Subaru Legacy Review, D In Invercargill

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1994 RS Legacy / Legacy

 What things have gone wrong with the car?Clutch wouldnt release fully sometimes when in second turbo land. Electrical short by dumb piece of metal to hold wiring behind the dash caused me to have to get the dash pulled and new wiring done. Was about $10 for the supplies needed and $500 for the labour! However a one off random thing to happen. Replaced the cambelt at 100km. You dont want the cambelt to go on a boxer engine or its a new engine required. Nothing else apart from that.
 General comments?Great car! Really grip the road and very safe to drive with heaps of power when you need it. Take a bit to learn how to drive them to get the power you want - Dont be afraid to go above 4000 revs cos thats when things really start to move. The second bigger turbo doesnt wake up until about then. Have good room inside and boot. Are economical cars dispite what people think - more so on the open road. Only 45 ltr fuel tank. Sold because got a company car otherwise would still have it. If you look after them they are easy to sell. Bought for 11k sold for 7k but kept it imaculate.
 Engine and transmission1994cc Manual 5 speed
 Running costs (higher is cheaper)8/10
 Distance when acquired63000
 Most recent distanceSold at 110000
 Previous carGT Subaru
 First year of ownership2004
 Most recent year of ownership2007

Review 1994 Subaru Legacy D In Invercargill
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007