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1995 subaru legacy 1995 subaru legacy
1995 subaru legacy 1995 subaru legacy
1995 subaru legacy 1995 subaru legacy
    1995 Subaru Legacy Review, Logan, From NZ

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GT Wagon (Jap. Import)

 ModelGT Wagon (Jap. Import)
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Fuel consumption - bugger me!!! I know we don't pay half as much for or fuel as those in the UK, but it still adds up. My first tank of gas in this car equated to 15 mpg, this was the test tank to I expected to be a little low. Since then its levelled out at around 20mpg - still pretty shocking though.Wanted a manual model but had to settle for the auto because there was no room for my foot between the clutch and the foot rest.
 General comments?I know I got a good deal as most others I've seen in the 90000km range have been around $20K, the asking price for my one was $22500. So I got a show room condition car at an excellent price. Overall rating would have been 5 if I could just get around 30mpg - my foot isn't that heavy.Might look at an Outback for my next car, it will give me more ground clearance, better fuel economy but not as much grunt.
 Previous carToyota Hilux 4WD 3L diesel - drives like a whale, but goes any where.Mitsi Gallant 1993 - just doesn't compare

Review 1995 Subaru Legacy Logan, From NZ
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007