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1995 subaru legacy 1995 subaru legacy
1995 subaru legacy 1995 subaru legacy
1995 subaru legacy 1995 subaru legacy
    1995 Subaru Legacy Review, Max M, From San Jose, Ca

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Legacy L Wagon (AWD)

 ModelLegacy L Wagon (AWD)
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Front seats lose support over time; we had to have something in the exhaust system replaced -- I'm pretty sure it was a heat shield that corroded; it started rattling when the Subaru had 50,000 miles; the dealer said this happens all the time on the Legacy; weak engine on the L model -- although the Outback engine seemed real strong; the suspension seems to be having problems - after 60,000 miles the ride is really rough and the vehicle rides really low -- I like the Outback suspension much better
 General comments?The Service at the local San Jose Subaru dealer (california) was incredibly horrible. I will never buy another Subaru vehicle in the area until they get a decent dealer in (the dealer we purchased it from went broke). The wagon has been very reliable except for the rattling head shield; the suspension and poor seat quality is a pain, but tolerable given the great deal we got on it (New for
 Previous carI drove the Subaru Outback and it had much more power and better ride.

Review 1995 Subaru Legacy Max M, From San Jose, Ca
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007