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1996 subaru legacy 1996 subaru legacy
1996 subaru legacy 1996 subaru legacy
1996 subaru legacy 1996 subaru legacy
1996 subaru legacy 1996 subaru legacy
1996 subaru legacy 1996 subaru legacy
1996 subaru legacy 1996 subaru legacy
    1996 Subaru Legacy Review, Avkesq

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Legacy Brighton Wagon '96

 ModelLegacy Brighton Wagon '96
 What things have gone wrong with the car?At 2.2 liters, the engine is grossly underpowered. The newer models with 2.5 liters address that problem; however, due to the AWD, the mileage and acceleration is still not as good as Camry or Accord. (I've heard of Camry's giving up to 34mpg!).
 General comments?Please see my review of my Legacy Wagon of Nov 2000. This is an update.

I bought my wagon second hand at 65,000 miles in Jan 1999 and now, 5 years later, it has done 168,000 miles. I have averaged about 20K per year. In that period, I have had to replace the two (front) CV joints, the starter, alternator and also the oil pump. Given the speeds at which I drive and the distances (typically, each long trip is about 2000 miles; daily mileage is 80 miles) I think this car has held up extremely well.

Only now, the transmission is about to die. I believe that this is due to the manner in which the previous owner abused it (it used to jerk a little while shifting from the day I got it), else it would have taken me to 200K, I reckon.

All in all, this car is FANTASTIC. Even though it's not been garaged for the last 3 years, the exterior has held up VERY well - no leaks, rust or other problem; however, I get it premium washed (including underbody spray) every 3 to 4 weeks in summer and every 2 weeks in winter (due to salt on Chicago roads). Paint work is still great. No problems with suspension and engine (2.2 liters, Horizontal 4 cylinders) whatsoever. Engine runs smothly with very low oil consumption even at this high mileage (168K). The exhaust tail-pipe is grayish, not black. I religiously change engine oil every 3K miles and flush the engine every 5th oil change; do all this myself. Works like a charm. Use 10W30 in summer and 5W30 in winter (Chicago). I use Penzoil; don't ever use synthetic for this car - you'll be wasting money.
 Previous carHave driven Camry, Accord, Mitsubishi Galant (great to drive!) and Ford Taurus in this category of cars. Subaru rocks!

Review 1996 Subaru Legacy Avkesq
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