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2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
    2000 Subaru Legacy Review, Michael , From Roanoke, VA

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Subaru Legacy

 ModelSubaru Legacy
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Fit & finish not as high quality as Honda & Toyota
Front passenger seatbelt locks too easily, keeping the passenger from leaning forward (hopefully this is just ours)
 General comments?After a year of driving this wagon, I can say that I'm really happy with the purchase. I bought it so that we could retire our well-used '87 Camry (with 220K mi.), and initially we shopped for another Camry or an Accord to replace it. However, with our second child on the way, we wanted our primary car to offer more cargo space. A wagon seemed best since I refuse to drive a minivan. Our top picks were the Passat wagon & the Legacy, but the Passat was never much of a contender due to its weaker reliability ratings and its higher price. Even the Subaru was at the top of our price range, so we got one used with only 18K miles on it (plus it has keyless entry, AT & CD!). We've been really happy with it. Nothing but oil changes so far, and we're near the 30K maintenance soon. The car has a fair bit of zip in the engine & MPG is acceptable, though not great. The ride & handling fall somewhere between the Accord & Camry - the Accord tends to feel tight & bouncier, the Camry softer & more big-car-like. The Legacy seems just right - it handles reasonably well and the road ride isn't too soft. After buying it I drove it back home on the highway through a torrential thunderstorm. The AWD was spectacular - I passed most other cars which had to pull over. The Legacy never slipped in the slightest.
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Review 2000 Subaru Legacy Michael , From Roanoke, VA
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