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2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
    2000 Subaru Legacy Review, Ray, From Wakefield, MA

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 What things have gone wrong with the car?As I am shopping for the WRX now ... I noticed the post about the Subaru of Wakefield in MA post and I could not agree more with Paul. Buying the car is only one step ... customer service is 80% of the whole experience. I live in Wakefield, MA and had to buy my car and service my car in Arlington for the soul reason that Subaru of Wakefield is just your real Used Car Sales people and their service deparment actually made my friend pay over $1,000.00 worth of repairs on his new Forester which was btw still under Subaru Warrenty ... did not know how they pulled that one.
 General comments?AWD just rules! Both in the city and outdoors. It actually saved my life a few times. I will never buy another vehicle without AWD. Yes, it might have a higher mpg, but the safety and handling far outweigh a few more dollars.With regular 3000 miles oil changes and scheduled, I now have 25,000+ miles on it and have not had a single problem and do not think I would :)Actually shopping for my next subaru vehicle and keeping this one for my wife.
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Review 2000 Subaru Legacy Ray, From Wakefield, MA
Japanese Import Car, New & Used Car, 2007