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2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
    2000 Subaru Legacy Review, Tom Kenny, From Calgary, Alber

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, Saturn LW1

 Model, Saturn LW1
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Not enough cubby holes for 'stuff'. Goofy rear fold down seats.
 General comments?Since I've only owned this car for a few weeks, I can't speak to its durability and reliability just yet, but here are my thoughts so far. I like this car, but I don't love it like some Saturn owners. For the price, it feels solid and drive quietly and smoothly. The engine ( we have the small one) has enough power to get us around and passes just fine on the highway. Lets face it, it's a station wagon and I'm not a race car driver. It corners well and takes the bumps without any trouble. THe fit and finish are ok, but I have some loose panels that need to be attached properly. I think the dealer is really good at fixing this stuff, so I'm not overly concerned. The interior is layed out well but there are no where near enough cubby holes to put stuff. I can't find a good place for my snow brush and the first aid kit is stuffed under the passanger side seat. I have a crappy back, and I find it difficult to get in and out of the car. Something I did not take into account when test driving. On the long trips, I can't seem to find a comfortable place to put my right foot once the cruise control is on. Although I can adjust the seat in many ways, I can't seem to get any support under my legs during the long trips. I mention these things as I notice them with my bad back. You may not notice these things at all. Who designed the fold down seats in this car? The rear seats fold down, but not flat. On top of that, when you fold down the 40% side of the rear seat, a bar remains across the back reducing, if not eliminating the usefulness of the 40% split fold down seat. It seems to me that all other manufacturers have this figured out, but Saturn. The Stereo is excellent and the heater works well in -28 degree weather. I can't speak for the air conditioning yet as it's still February here. The light are bright, but don't ask for the fog lamps after you buy the'll need another loan to have these installed. I've only been through a couple of tanks of gas, so I don't have a good feel for the mileage just yet. Currently it doesn't look as good as advertised, but it has been quite cold and it may not be fair to report my findings just yet. Over all I tink you'll be happy with a Saturn LW wagon. In a few years, I'll know more.

Review 2000 Subaru Legacy Tom Kenny, From Calgary, Alber
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