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2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
2000 subaru legacy 2000 subaru legacy
    2000 Subaru Legacy Review, Ryan, From Portland,OR,USA

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Outback Limited Wagon

 ModelOutback Limited Wagon
 What things have gone wrong with the car?The sunroofs, although they sound nice, are not well thoughtout...the front one only tilts up, so you can't slide the whole thing open...only the back does that and that's not where I am. The front seats, although leather, are not very comfortable after about 45min on the road...not very supportive and kinda hard. The sticker price is over $28k when I got it in August,99 but they are now selling all over Portland for about $24,400...bummer. I do like the white color but the real problem is that I got a cracked windshield (my windshield has the heater element) and it has been over 7weeks now and Subaru doesn't even have an ETA yet for delivery...according to two dealerships, Subaru got the cars to market but don't yet have the parts for them...many people all across the country have parts on backorder and this could be for many months...I just cracked one of my fog lights and it is also on special order. So please wait a few more months before a purchase and make sure the parts have started coming in so you too don't have to wait forever to replace parts that should be there waiting for you right away. Other than that,the car could use more power although the engine does kick in when you floor it and it isn't that loud.
 General comments?So I have driven this car for 6mths now and enjoy it for the most light rattle in the passenger door but hopefully dealer will fix in 2weeks. I leased this one and dealer service has been great other than the lack of parts I spoke of earlier. So please wait on your purchase until Subaru fixes this major supply problem. Other that that I would have to recommend the vehicle if you are looking to get one...especially now that they are selling for so much under the retail price which was just too high for this car.
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Review 2000 Subaru Legacy Ryan, From Portland,OR,USA
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